Friday, April 17, 2009

aiween ee

1. Jayanagar, despite being branded as a Hindu Brahmin area (people from North Bangalore look down upon it because of its vegetarian influence), is where a huge Muslim population do their business. I get to interact with mostly the cloth merchants and tailors, and this pic was clicked from outside one dupatta shop in the basement, called Lu Lu Dupatta shop. They have all the colors on earth, and despite the area being rather dark with fumes from petrol gensets all around, I couldn't resist clicking this.

2. Later that day, again in Jayanagar, Aaron was waiting for Mr Victor Albert (his piano teacher) to come back from the Church. It was Easter, and we could understand his being late by about 30 minutes. Aaron, meanwhile, checked out the lingerie shop downstairs. When I was his age, a pic of a woman in her lingerie would be hard to come by, and most ads in the magazines and newspapers were sketches. Today, models are fighting to grab a plum role for a leading brand. "Daddy, your Jockey is available here," he announced pretty innocently (and loudly). Strangely, he was looking at women's innerwear!
3. Tawa toast, if made with a lot of patience on a thick tawa, tastes better than bread from an electric toaster. Not uniformly toasted, with some parts a little burnt and some parts nicely toasted, they go very well with marmalade and darjeeling tea early in the morning. Like they serve you in a forest rest house or maybe in some Army canteen... tawa toast, a lump of butter, and black tea.

A 2 mp phone camera gives you pixelated pics that look hazy when blown up. But there's some fun in being able to click at random. Much handier than your digital camera, which you don't carry always... I have also taken some pretty weird pics with this, stuff I dare not share... and am freaking out.