Thursday, November 25, 2010


Boredom spreads all over and around you like a blanket and gradually comes down to wrap you around. You're lucky if you have caught it in its flight towards you and escaped its reach. But if you're caught, you end up being infinitely bored. All you can say to her is "you make me want to floss." And then the jeep racks seem boring, the fabricator's nag sounds like a whine (doesn't help that his name is Nagraj), the emails piling up in gmail look like tripe, the available list of chatters look like people you can piss on, the upcoming meeting at 3.00 pm sounds like an invitation into the Colosseum, only you are not a spectator this time. And then you are reminded of Roman Holiday, Return of the Dragon, and Jumper and want to go to Rome. Not to the meeting.
How is the line "You make me want to floss"? If a woman makes you want to floss or use Listerine, if a woman makes you careful about the smell in your armpits, if a woman makes you want to wear socks for a change, can you just say these things blindly to impress her? Like hey, I don't wear socks, but then it's you, so...
What would you expect her to say? Will she react favorably, do you think?

And then the clock strikes three.