Tuesday, January 31, 2006

wish i were black

how i wish i were born a black man. a big, fat, puffy black man. and i could sit in the corner shop and play the blues harp. bend the notes, make them wail and get little Manzareks rushing to find where the notes were coming from.

i got A, D, E, and G now. i play boring, unchallenging hindi numbers. and some country. but someday when i am black, i will play the blues too. problem is, i cannot sit and listen to little walter for long. i would listen to keith jarrett instead. i guess the blues have to get into your bloodstream first. the steady rhythm versus the wantonness of the extempores. blow away, bend the notes, and shed a couple of tears too if they come out right.

but i will try. james here is encouraging me. pappa pappa pappa pap . . . someday i will turn a black man. hold the puny thing in my fat fingers and belt out the most beautiful notes you've heard. malleable, metallic notes . . . just wish me luck.


Strunk&White said...

I don't think you can have the blues, even if you turn black. You have led much too privileged a life.


Oreen said...

thanks, you are very encouraging indeed :-))

Oreen said...

and Sir Strunk, thanks for both the blues CDs and the Keith Jarrett CD. you are to blame for the confusion in my mind.

Strunk&White said...

Please don't blame all your confusion on me! Drink and smoke have something to do with it as well.