Thursday, March 09, 2006


long time, mate. when death came rushing to my head, i wondered why they came once every two years. since 98. why it sat quietly in one corner for 23 years.

and if i didn't want my mom to die, why let her die? if she had unfulfilled dreams, so do i, of taking her to the himalayas again. till she died. but she died much before.

if you are sitting in front of a little boy who's dying of cancer, how many toys will his heaven have? count the number of videogames, soccer balls, chocolate trees before you go to sleep today. if tomorrow you are sitting in front of him, and he knows he's dying, tell him the biggest lie. and let him die smiling.

hey, you can hold on to a soul if you don't wanna let it go. i tried doing it. works for me even after six years of my mother's death. i was never a mama's boy. never knew her much. but now i do. she's reading Desh even as i write this, the glasses thick and heavy on her nose.


Prerona said...

tell me how?

Oreen said...

you know, with a lot of conviction and eyes tightly shut . . . it works.

it works because it has to.

Prerona said...

for me, it works only when i'm sleeping - that too if i'm lucky. willtry ur way

Enemy of the Republic said...


This is very moving to me--so well done.

limeywesty said...

If you've held onto a soul, your life will never be the same