Tuesday, November 28, 2006

i just forgot how to write. like last week when Aaron had a very high fever and it wouldn't go, i kept wishing i could just close my eyes and think so hard that the disease comes out like a blue whiff of smoke and vanishes. now, in my mind, the image can be from the archetypes of all the imagery i gathered from movies and books over the years, but someone had to think of this for the first time. and, if you take away all that from my mind, could i have thought of something like this, originally?

like, willing an ailment to come out like a spirit leaving a body? see? another analogy and again from the stacked up cliches in my mind. i cannot write originally. this is not a theory of deconstruction, just the plain truth.

i forgot how to write and there is nothing to write about. and for god's sake, i'm not a travel writer!


Prerona said...

how is he now?

Prerona said...

its kind of sweet you sitting there with him and wishing the fever would go away!

makes me think of how much fathers and "father-ing" has changed over time. damn nice!

when we were kids - me and most kids i knew - we cudnt imagine our father even knowing we had fever. lol sometimes kaajer pressure thaakle we'd be lucky if he remembered we existed!


Manic Street Preacher said...

do u know egyptians believed tht evil(fever, madness, sin) could be willed out of the body..?
u're on ur way[:D]


Enemy of the Republic said...

Long time no see.