Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Some say they have been able to overcome their inhibitions and can do almost anything, while some others are not even ready to discuss their first sexual experience. When a person in Thailand drinks his own pee in order to keep wrinkles off his face, you can call him uninhibited to a great extent. I tried drinking my pee once because that is supposed to be the fountain of youth, but couldn't. I will age, will accept the crows feet, will go for botox if needed, but will not be able to drink my pee.

Just watched Fur. When Diane Arbus (Nicole Kidman) goes to photograph a colony of nudists, she is initially shocked. She needs some time to get things straight in her mind because she too has to shed her clothes before being given access to the colony. But she manages to do that, eventually. The movie is a little bizarre though, trying to show her journey from being a housewife (household help, almost) to a person who gradually discovers the creative, eccentric self within. Nudism at home is different, being nude publicly is quite a different ball game altogether. Makes me curious to try it out. But I want to be in shape before that. And as the host says . . . "No erections allowed." Should not be a problem.

When a movie like this comes to India (such artisitic movies never make it to India), I wonder how our inhibited censor board will react to it. Will they be shocked out of their wits? Do they even know that nudism dates back to many centuries? Do they even remember it was celebrated right here in India much before the hordes of Huns came plundering? The censor board today want some piece of cloth to cover your assets. But they do allow a lot of flesh peeping out from here and there trying to seduce the last drop of shit from our hungry, desperate, deprived filmgoers. They come out of the theater and rape minors and every single woman they find on the streets, but that is something we are not inhibited about. We don't like nudism.

Imagine the divide between the vegetarians and the meat eaters. The vegetarians by birth (not by choice) as most Indians are, are inhibited people. One colleague mentioned in the office pantry that people who eat pork stink like pigs. I was about to make her sniff my armpit right there, but I didn't. I had finished almost half a kilo of pork the previous night, complete with lard and all. It is the tastiest meat I have ever had.

"Have you had wild boar?" asked Tanvi.
"No, but I think pork is the tastiest meat."
"Then you don't know anything about meat," she quipped before giving me a classic "brb" excuse.

And there are women like that too. Am I inhibited to try wild boar? Never, but again, won't be able to eat a live monkey's brain or human fetuses preserved in formalin.

Dustin Hoffman said this week that although he has lived for about forty years with his current wife, he finds monogamy a tough concept. You cannot be in love with someone like you were in love with her yesterday. It is bound to fade. Some inhibition stops us from discussing polygamy, while the neighbor's spouse remains the mysterious object of fantasy behind the flimsy curtains.

"'Have you?" I asked him, and he logged out of chat. He could fill in the blanks, he said. And yes, I had asked whether he ever slept with anyone. It is prying into someone's private space, some would say, although I think 'I could have helped you get over your inhibition of talking about it by making you come to terms with your own sexuality like Yolande Miller helps Bernard with his gradual sexual awakening in Paradise News.' "

Time for a bath? Unlike Harry Potter in the Goblet of Fire trying to gather the bubble between his legs to cover his modesty, let's stand up and stretch for once.


Lazyani said...

Quite profound and thought provoking. But on the other hand don't u think that inhibition is a natural fallout of civilisation. To be able to let go is fine, but to let go at the cost of invading someone else's private territory is not acceptable at all.And to enable that to happen you need to set rules which creates inhibition, isn't it? Wasn't it one of the Ten Commandents which said that 'Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours wife'? The problem lies elsewhere-- I would love to covet my neighbours wife but would strongly resent my neighbour coseying upto my wife!!

So it is the perspective which decides which is a social inhibition and which is my own self decided prejudice.

I hope I make some sense in my counter argument:))

Well written sir. Keep it up-- regularly!!!

Drifter said...

Hmm... Got to see 'Fur'. Food I am un-inhibited and I think I can eat anything. Nudity in a crowd... hmm I draw my line (I think). Maybe as you said, a better physique and i would have thought differently :)

Your observations are apt about our movies, movie-goers and censors btw.


Oreen said...

thanks, guys...
you are all guys, right?


Preety said...

Great one Dada! I am inhibited about food, by birth! Have tried to let it go and have reached the 'Egg' stage only :) But of course can't reach all the way... never...

As for nudism and social inhibition, it is there in every country, give or take a little here and there... As for me, 'One life, live it' :) Do whatever you want to do. Btw, I also agree that 'flashing the flesh' shouldn't be a problem to those who really are in shape :D Beauty should always be admired :D

p.s. I am not a 'GUY' :)

Jyotsna said...

:) great post--your wit and humour is intact.Am reading you after ages.

well written