Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brothers in Arms

My friend Raja is right when he says we are not imaginative enough with eggs. I would add sausages to that list. For example, when you have Khubchand's pork masala sausages, you don't really wanna think too much about whom you hit on the road rushing home or how you cook them when you reach. I am not too bothered about basic civilities like sharing my food with others and stuff like that. That's reserved for boring meals.

This morning I suddenly discovered a forgotten packet of beef sausages in the freezer. It was an indescribable pleasure and can only be compared to how Tintin felt when he discovered Red Rackham's treasure at Marlinspike Hall. (Wodehouse would have definitely compared it with the exact state of mind Keats was in when he heard a nightingale. But I have no such lofty analogies at hand. Tintin is the farthest my mind can reach.)

And then I combined two of the most neglected ingredients that chefs don't experiment with: eggs and sausages. Again, very unimaginatively, because they taste so good posing as eggs and sausages, you don't need to disguise them as anything else.

It's a pity they didn't make refrigerators in the Romantic period. I wonder what Keats would have felt had he actually discovered a forgotten packet of sausages. The nightingales surely would have gone unheard.


Love said...

the food definitely looks pretty interesting! am sure can do some 'desi' versions of it too!

egg bhurji wiht bits of sausage in it! :D

Anonymous said...

what about the seasonings???? They complement any innovative dish by enhancing the taste...dash of Flavor and Spice...

Lazyani said...

Eggactly right sir. Sausage and eggs--- ummm. Send me some.

Rather Smuggle them fast.

Just to tickle the memories-- Remember the chicken filled omelletes at Flurys. Or just to rub it in Sausages with fried eggs at the Keventers.

Start slurping:)