Tuesday, August 26, 2008

jealous pig

well, only in this case, the pig is not jealous, it is me who is jealous of the proverbial pig who has its orgasm for thirty minutes. strunk recently sent me this joke and although i knew abt it, i laughed again when I thought about it. laughed, with a tinge of jealousy. thirty minutes!

i have seen some blogs with a huge readership. always looked at those blogs askance, you know. like okay, what is this person writing about that it attracts so much readership? i have of course survived without almost any, so can't say not having comments is in any way detrimental to writing; i survived with the hope of getting published one day, and "wait and see who has more readership" was always my comeback, albeit uttered to myself. but recently i saw a blog with thirty comments on one single post. somehow, that reminded me of the pig. the joy of reading thirty comments on your blog is probably comparable to the epitome of all orgasms: that of the pig. it is a pleasure incomparable with anything else. you can buy a merc and tomorrow get bored of it; you can own an industry, but that will probably give you grey hair...but to be read and appreciated by so many netizens is like something i have always dreamed of.

some are lucky enough to be pigs. i am still striving to reach that suilline level. in both.


handmaiden said...

Sometimes one can be as good as thirty.

Pinku said...


that was super good!!!

by the way i know of blogs that receive more than 200 comments each post and that too consistently.

But that doesnt mean the content is super.

Write for urself and if someone omes along and reads and comments well good for them..they have achieved a bit of enlightenment.

PARRY said...

karam kiye ja phal ki chinta na kar. :)
anyways u write great.keep it going.