Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Alternative Reality

Alternative reality taking over you and me.
I forget which is home.
You forget vaccinations, but defend,
"This one's 4.5, dude, am on top of things."
He forgets the brand of scotch you love,
coz you passed out in his arms, hun...
although he wouldn't get to know
how I pressed you against the red, red wall
begging for a kiss.
And she?
She goes ranting in crepe,
unready to drink, smoking a Black
staring inanely at the rudeness of skirts,
baring her fangs, but only in a private smile.
I don't have body hair, I whisper into her ear.
Alternative reality has begun,
no more alternating between reality and dreams,
Waiter, can you play some Black Hole Sun?

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