Thursday, July 13, 2006

Some more

"I know how to change a tire, how come you don't?"

"We're talking about motorcycles here, June."

"But I thought a motorcycle has a spare tire?"

And then fleeting memories of the Czech classic Jawa with a spare tire tied to the side came to all of us. We came out of the pantry like zombies. The Jawa kaleidoscope went on . . .


"Do you have a 50p coin?" she's been asking almost everybody for about a week.
Finally Shantanu found a 50p coin and gave it to her.



" He he, now I have Rs 10 worth of coins!"



Anonymous said...

and guess what! she had to send a courier on Monday, but didn't because she didn't have coins worth ten rupees.

finally when she got the money and celebrated, it was too late to send the courier...

beat that, someone...

cutting said...

june is too cool: made me smile on a cold dark day: thank you :)

cutting said...
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Anonymous said...

ok my turn... one day a hassled Mrs N was seen pacing around the office reception... after a cordial hello (not too intimate or she would start questioning me on my dressing habits... "u don't wear salwars? or a nice sari maybe? i think you would look very nice... very bengali" ahem...precisely the point ma'm! or maybe "o where are you coming from?" the mortuary ofcourse! i just put 10 gig worth of code in the freezer...but i digress!) i asked Mrs. N if everything was ok...and if she needed any help locating the big man... and she bursts out "o don't ask! he brought the tv remote control with him and left the cell phone back home! and how will i contact him! i can't even call and tell him! "
u could try actually... he might be able to take the call on his remote afterall! infact i can almost picture him doing just that!


nowheregirl said...