Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rituporno's Films

I watched a couple of Rituporno's movies last weekend. Chokher Bali and Utsav. Just fell in love with Aishwarya Rai after watching Utsav. Dunno who to thank for that: Tagore, Rituporno, or Aishwarya. Certainly not her because she has never impressed in any of her movies before this.

Maybe partly Sreela, who dubbed for her.

Two bloopers stood out though: Bihari mentions that Prof JC Bose discovered plants have life. Come on!! He discovered that plants have feelings, not life. There was nothing to be discovered about plants having life! I half expected Binodini to correct him, but this was a BIG miss.

Another was a small one: a memorial being called a memento. But pardonable.

Utsav was so perfect. And so real. Cousins do fall in love. All over the world. And what a mature way to handle something so sensitive! And what does this guy do to his characters, can you tell me? Why do you want to know more about them even after the movie is over? Why do you want to go back in time to a Banaras of 1908 and search for Binodini? Why do you want to know what happens to Shishir after you're done watching Utsav?

The rest of the weekend was spent thinking about the movies and going back to the scenes in my mind over and over again. Watched Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King too, but do I want to write about it? No way. My personal opinion, so don't take offence guys: Bengali filmmakers have been able to dish out far more mature and far more entertaining stuff than a Tolkien rendition on celluloid can even imagine to. Thanks, but no, thanks.

I have Mondo Meyer Upakhyan and Titli lined up after this. Next weekend.


nowheregirl said...

yewwww.... you liked them!!!
rituparno is soooo pretentious!!!
and he is getting worse by the day!!
shudder shudder!!!

Manic Street Preacher said...

ur mistake: u said u fell in love wid aishwarya rai after watching utsav.
she wasnt ther in utsav but i ges it was an honest mistake.
and bali comes in no way near utsav. utsav, probably the 1st movie to be shown at the launch of a bengali channel i think.
blew muh fuckin mind.
of course that was like...AGES ago. was still in school.

and another thing.
(dunno why m i feelin so honest today. probably its the viral. i cant speak..lol)
if u're a sucker for comments, let me tek ya in a lil secret. comments come when others get commented.
and to do that, is sometimes too bloody much...


Manic Street Preacher said...

and rituporno's made some REAL CRAPPY movies too.
jus thot u'd like ta know..

Prerona said...

havent seen the last 2 u named. heard abt it. i loved utsav, chokherbali too. and see how good he made prosenjit look! and everyone, every character ... it was awesome, just awesome.

about bose, lot of us bongs (like to)think that way ... just kidding ... but i have heard it said before

Oreen said...

manic:- oooh, yes, my mistake...the two movies got absolutely entwined in my mind...fell in love with ash after bali.

nowheregirl: abt Rituporno's movies i wouldn't know, really...the only other movie i watched by him was shubho muhurat, which was brilliant, i thought. and i am no discerning filmgoer either. i love movies that tell a nice story. without the usual song and dance sequences. too intellectual stuff is certainly not for me. i am past that stage when one fancies oneself as a die-hard intellectual and misses out on the simple beauties. i left the school of Eliot or Bishnu De long back, nowheregirl. I realized that Vikram Seth writes better poetry. And not Derek Walcott, just because he is obscure.

I still prefer Tagore's songs over Paban Das Baul. Middle-class, mush-loving, highly romantic, and happy being like that :-))

You bloody come here and take back your CDs, wilya??? (just kidding, have a nice time in Delhi)


Manic Street Preacher said...

a frnd who works for IDBI Bank takes postings either in Goa or in Gangtok...

WHAT are u talking about????????????????????????????

nowheregirl said...

where exactly is the clash btwn paban das and rabindranath... i love listening to both, maybe in diff settign n mood, but equally...

n nice story-telling is all very good, but Simplifying it to the point of making it frivoulous... why i done like rituporno is not because its not intellectual enough nut because it PRETENDS to be intellectual...

dont worry... i will come n take back the CDs n will also give u a detailed report of my delhi visit... lol ;)

Oreen said...


it was abt your comment that you have to get back eventually...

nowheregirl...you don't get back the CDs...

Anonymous said...


Gargi said...

...just incase... this time it wasn't me! :-|