Tuesday, August 01, 2006

of blazers and apples

First Shikha got married. And then Dilreen. I went to Shikha's wedding with a lot a trepidation. In a wedding full of mercs and huge pajeros, where will I park my puny 100 cc mobike? Will they allow me entry? Will my borrowed jacket look out of place? Will someone be able to tell it is borrowed?

In Delhi, a place where your clothes decide the kind of respect you'd be able to elicit from its denizens, these worries are rather commonplace. And I am an ordinary man with the natural fears that come with being an ordinary man. I've even seen people renting dummy cellphones just to flaunt at a wedding, and Shikha had to get married at a time when I couldn't even afford a proper dinner jacket. Even a blazer, for that matter. Couldn't she have waited?

But there are these large-hearted souls who are almost godsent one can say. Even in a cutthroat, ruthless city like Delhi where oneupmanship rules, there was one kind soul Nischal. Nischal was a size smaller than me, but he wore bigger jackets. And he allowed me to wear his for the big night. Shikha's big night, that is.

So I parked my mobike a couple of hundred meters away and walked to where the celebrations were. My poor wife, who must have been pretty ashamed of her husband's humble existence, was with me. Ritu was there with her husband. Atanu and Shantanu, wearing kurtas. Dilreen was as usual her resplendent self, looking brighter than the bride. She just had to be the cynosure of all eyes. Maybe she's a Leo, will ask and find out today. Soma came ahead and gave me a bear hug. Thank god for people like Soma who can make you feel comfortable even when you have a 50p coin in your pocket, wearing an expensive jacket that's not yours. (I must write an e-mail to her today.) Wifey dear was a little floored by all the lights and action. Both of us looked at the celebrations and must have thought about how much money these people have and what a colossal waste it is to marry like this.

Ritu spotted me and came forward...
"Hey, you're looking so handsome..." she announced, making all the heads turn. I almost cringed in embarrassment but would have recovered if she didn't come up with a killer "whose jacket are you wearing today?" right after that.

"Oh, this is Nischal's. I also had Anirban's jacket as a backup." I offered pretty boldly, flashing the best possible smile I could muster. Someone patted my back. I turned around but couldn't see anybody.

Her joke wasted, Ritu laughed, along with the others who noticed the incident. And then we forgot all about it.

Until it was turn for Dilreen to get married. I just could not go this time.

Still haven't been able to buy that blazer, or suit, or whatever. Every time I thought I should buy one or even a couple, I always ended up at the next jeans store. As for weddings, most of our peers are either already married or divorced and not thinking of marrying again. Thank god again.


velvetgunther said...

Did I make it to your wedding? If I did, what was I wearing?

Oreen said...

you didn't, or did you? Munni did I remember . . . she was in red.

Prerona said...

suddenly everyone i know is married and 'settled' ... no more need for getting urself up insanely bcz you 'must'.

i remember one of the first weddings of a classmate ... vaguely for it was abt a decade ago ... i was in college in pune and this was in bbay (the wedding). she invited and insisted. so i came. in school, hadnt realised they were so 'posh'. came done by deccan in magenta jeans and white tshirt. grubby and dirty after the 4 hr ride. turned out the whole film industry was there. or so it seemed like. she looked like a princess from a fairy tale ... i hid in a corner. i knew right then ... or a part of me did anyway ... that i'd be the last (wo)man standing amongst all that i knew ... sigh.

nevermind ur jackets. i'm sure ur wife's too proud of you to care :)

beautiful post ...

Oreen said...

prero, was reading Manic's piece on vanity . . . and realized we can all be rather posh in our minds if we want to . . .
and that's all that matters, doesn't it? (magenta jeans, huh?)

Manic Street Preacher said...

aw. do i remember any traumatised under dressing?
not yet.
ps:posh in our minds?...
or mebbe pretentuousely sex starved maniacs(read manic).
i got a long way to go.long long way.

Prerona said...

magenta :)