Monday, November 14, 2005

The Himalayas

Just a line about why people go to the Himalayas for all the answers.
Because the mountains make you realize you don't need the answers after all. That life is much beyond seeking answers to petty everyday questions.

It is the essential Hindu spiritual quest. One place that makes you realize how puny you are after all. How futile your entire life is. And for those who are at awe of the Himalayas, nothing else matters.

My salutations to you, Alison Hargreaves, for having found salvation in your death, whatever your faith.

Wish we all could die like you. Heroes, and having overcome all fears. Let me kiss your feet.


velvetgunther said...

A lot of stuff happening here...Himalayas? I want to go there again

Enemy of the Republic said...

I want to go there for the first time. I've been to the Rockies and the Applacacian and the Pyrrenes (sp) in Spain. But the Himalayas! If only I lived halfway across the globe...