Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The liberal

The liberal says I don't agree but I agree that you have a right to disagree. Let all the different paths float around and not collide.

And the same liberal looks away when a witch is burnt in today's West Bengal. Communist state? Hah!
When thousands of female foetuses are aborted everyday in India.
When a court issues a nonbailable warrant against a woman who says men shouldn't expect their wives to be virgins. Ha ha ha . . .

Why aren't the Brits coming back with their whips, guns, and constitution? But then again, they are busy taming the weapons of mass destruction. Give me a race to look up to, will you? Or an entire army.

No, I can do without your god, thank you, we have 330 million of them already!


Aleksey said...

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Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

ha ha..kickass..
someone should tell khushboo to keep her mouth shut if she's going to have crap poured into it later..