Monday, November 21, 2005

Ticket to Ride

And then one day there was very little time for all that I had on hand. I was holding the tickets and there was your e-mail out of the blue, after two years!

What kind of a hibernation was that, through all seasons, twice over?

It was a long e-mail, but I could only skim through it.

I will come back and read it. Today, I am holding tickets to somewhere else.


velvetgunther said...


Jyotsna said...

yes who ??say say !!
long time oreen..
how are you?

Oreen said...

am fine. nobody in particular. even my wife asked, who?

don't be so curious, nobody writes to a potbellied man with a three-yr old son . . . :-))

those are mild flights of fancy, but short flights like that of a hen's . . .