Monday, December 12, 2005

Bengaluru and kukumbaar

Now that they are changing the name from Bangalore to Bengaluru for the sake of holding on to their "culture" (man, some word that!), I guess it is time for us to move on. It seems they will now teach English through Kannada. Exactly the reason I cried on the first day at Banaras Hindu University. A professor was teaching English essays in Hindi. What is happening to India?

What the fuck is happening to Indians? Or were they always like this "only"? First the Bengalis decide we don't need English till class VI. The result? All the engineers who first learned English at the age of 11 were missing from the interviews and group discussions of the world. Potential employers stopped coming to Jadavpur Univ (a prestigious name in Calcutta) because the guys who would otherwise fare well in the written tests, would not appear for the interviews. They were shy. They fumbled. Tongue-tied while other students (maybe not so bright) were taking away all the jobs. They could speak better English after all.

What is the problem you guys have with English? Why do we have to call Bangalore Bengaluru or Oracle Orakulu? What would Larry Ellison say? Why does cucumber have to be pronounced kukumbaar? Haven't you realized that had it not been for the English, you would probably be a medieval nation where women would have to cover their heads and stay home? Haven't you realized that had it not been for English some cities would not have existed on the Indian map? People would not have held jobs, or you wouldn't be riding a cushy merc at the expense of the taxpayers today? You, the bloody ministers, the upholders of "culture"?

Hold on to your culture, while I get some gravel to fill the potholes on the roads.


Tell me no more of enchanted days said...

i wish i could actually read this in a newspaperand that u cld get it published. its solid hitting and very strong. like cutting chai.

velvetgunther said...

bengaluru..a very appropriate name for the place....hahahaha...i couldnt help but laugh at the irony...orakulu??

david raphael israel said...

ah, so that's what 's up with Bangaluru -- I'd lately seen the word once or twice, didn't know the story.

cheers & cheeruru,