Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Party

When I have nightmares of all my frnds having come together for a party, I break into cold sweat. It goes somewhat like this:

Strunk&White is Jewish but doesn't remind you of Woody Allen from Anything Else or Ben Stiller from Keeping the Faith. He is a nice gentleman with some wacky remarks up his sleeve. He can keep an entertaining conversation going without any Christian bashing. Strunk comes in and picks up a glass of orange juice.

As I introduce him to my Buddhist friend AnandaDasa Bhikkhu and the two of them exchange smiles and more, in comes the neo-nazi in his DM boots. Yes, none other than VG with his head shaved.

I start sweating from that point. A nice Jewish guy and a neo-nazi in the same room. While Bhikkhu is more detached from the real world, dwelling in higher plains, his alter ego Puzzled Private walks in every time Bhikkhu walks out. And Puzzled has bought this idea that Zionists are behind 9/11. Some theory, and like all theories, sounds very buyable (oks, viable) despite being full of shit. Don't tell Private I told you that.

By now people have gone ahead and opened my bar, which was replenished just the night before the dream. And in my dream, the bar is big.

VG, surprisingly, does not proclaim his Naziness to the world as he does his baldness and very soon I see Strunk and him engaged in a conversation about Sufi music. They both turn out to be Nusrat fans. Eddie Vedder isn't mentioned.

AnandaDasa walks in. Puzzled went out for a smoke. They still go out for a smoke in my dreams because Aaron's still very young. AnandaDasa tries talking about gods and strength to Aaron, although I have sanitized my house against gods. I even have a multi-insect killer spray for anytime a god peeps in. Marmaladeskies is reading out an Oscar Wilde text to Spider Girl.

So far, so good. My sweat has dried and things are going rather smooth. Religions and beliefs have been shelved for the sake of this evening celebrating music. In the background is Peter Gabriel's score from The Last Temptation of Christ. They all come together as human beings, celebrating life.

Enemy of the Republic walks in. VG stands up, dazed. They walk out together, and the dream fades.

No more enchanted days.


Enemy of the Republic said...

So VG and I go off into the sunset together. I like it. But is he really a Nazi. I might be too ethnic for his tastes.

velvetgunther said... least i didnt empty the bottle of whisky on anybody's head

Spider Girl said...

Heh heh, glad I made it to the party. It sounds like the mix of people would make it worth attending. :)

Vijayeta said...

Whoa! Enemy and VG going home together. Now that should be fun ;) And the conversation about Sufi music sounds good too...

Enemy of the Republic said...

If VG and I went home together, now what could possibly happen? I see a short story in the making!

Oreen said...

Who said you are going home?

VG is a Nazi only for the effect . . . you know, to put off people to start with . . .

Vijayeta, it is only in a dream . . . and Sufi is a hot favorite of my little bro VG . . . (not very little any more)

Spider, some day am gonna host one party as colorful . . .