Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Where do we go?"

"Are we out of Oreen's dream?"

VG looks back. All he could see were Oreen's closed eyes. But that can mean he is still dreaming and has kept them trapped in it. In his dream that takes its own course.

"A dream is much like life, don't you think?" asked EoR.

"Because it is beyond control?"

"Because it springs surprises. Because I never knew whether I will ever get to meet you until tonight." No matter how much I wanted to all these days, thought EoR.

"I haven't poured any whisky on your head. I've saved some champagne for your red locks. The whisky was for Stella."

"VG! You have to try and come out of the dream, we have to find a way out and not get lost in its digressions. Concentrate." Who's Stella though?

And then the conversation loses its meaning. What is conversation for anyway? Is it always used as a means to an end? What end did these two have in mind? None, if you ask me . . . they were brought together in somebody else's dream. The conversation remained highly stimulating though. Stimulating being a relative term. They didn't know that my dream had faded and that I'd woken up. I was busy brushing my teeth as they continued.

"How did you come?"

"Oh, in an airplane, of course, although it was faster in the dream."

"How was the flight?" VG somehow was lost for words. All his words were there in his blog. And he didn't have the password.

"There was this Finnish guy trying to charm a Cuban woman all the way from Frankfurt to Paris. With his knowledge of Oriental art."

"You were in Philadelphia, and now you've come to New Delhi. How come Frankfurt to Paris?"

"Am I? But i distinctly remember the German stewardess. But aren't we in a dream? Or is it New Delhi where we met? Where was the party?"

"In his mind, and he has lost the key to his mind I read once. Which means..."

"...Which means we are actually nowhere!" exclaimed EoR. "Nowhere is where I wanted to be all my life. At least for once."

"Where do we go from here?" VG sounded a little disturbed. He was missing his Toyota and also the old merc he was about to pick up next month. Missing a car? In a dream where there aren't any roads?

"We can walk. Or wait for a short story."

"It is wonderful being lost with you," he smiled back. "Oreen once lost his way coming to Belmont from San Jose. He wanted to stay lost and not step out. At least we don't need to find our way back home."

"Look, there's an apple tree!"


velvetgunther said...

apple tree?!?

Enemy of the Republic said...

I hope this is ongoing and not over. This is actually quite beautiful. But how to get to India on my paycheck?

Oreen said...

let it end here. because, if it has to be taken on from here, only you guys can . . . meanwhile i hopped into my truck and traveled almost 750 miles . . .

Vijayeta said...

WOW! Hope VG or Enemy carry it forward now...this is definitely fun!
Oreen, do sleep more...and dream more and write more ;)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Ok, VG, miserable work, but somebody has to do it. Should I continue on the Bloodless blog or should you--actually, I would prefer it be you and I can work off your ideas!