Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"...and for non-believers"

so said our 44th prez. In a country that tried to hide from the world that Kennedy is a Catholic... in a country that has refused Bertrand Russell an NYU chair of philosophy because he openly proclaimed he is NOT a a country which has on its bank notes "In God We Trust"... we hear someone say... this country is also for non-believers! I mean, THANKS, man... you are benevolent, aren't you? You allow the non-believers to stay!

did I hear right? you mean someone has acknowledged that there ARE non-believers? like aliens? a handful of people being suffocated to death in the midst of the blind millions who spread blindness in the name of religious superstition?

religious minority? i'll tell you who're minority in this world. the atheists.

if one of our new political leaders had the guts to accept that there are atheists even in india, instead of meekly breaking coconuts to make everything "auspicious," we could have asked for some special status too, huh? Some 3 % reservation in government jobs?

Too much to ask for?

But then, if America is coming of age, India is still infested with... i tell you... indians. someday, even if in my dreams, I will shove a bloody coconut up some auspicious asses and garland them.


Indian Home Maker said...

I am a total Obama fan, he speaks for all of us tolerant, liberal, live and let live semi-atheists-semi-agnostics-occasionally Hindus-etc :)

Mampi said...

I hope there is room for me too,
main toe chali umreeka...

@lankr1ta said...

Oh that non-believers was just what made me completely fall in love with him all over again.

Puzzled Private said...

Once again.. what a plain blunt assault on someone's religious preferences (and privates too). Why would you want to shove a coconut up somebody's backside because s/he has decided to be a part of the majority.

Now don't get me wrong - I haven't questioned your intention to shove something up. I meant Why a coconut?

And that's because it's shape doesn't lend itself to be naturally well disposed to such activities.

Oreen said...

imagine the pain once it "plonk"s (here it is more the sound effect of plonk than the act of plonking oneself into a bean bag) itself in and gets positioned there!!!

Puzzled Private said...

Oh you sound like Vlad the impaler!

How about a new series titled "Bramho Jokers Byakula - too eager to shove up".

No offence intended to the great Bramhos of yore.

Puzzled Private said...

And by the way. . once you have completed the act of garlanding we can, for once in the true bengalee tradition, say "Peychhon Mara geychhey..."

Apologies for this comment on the public domain..