Monday, January 19, 2009

The Burden of Buying a Bike

So, it was decided that I will buy a bike. Which one? I asked Abhi of and he promptly suggested Hero Thunder.

I went to Commercial Street to check out Hero Thunder, but liked something much more beautiful from Hercules. How much? I asked, knowing it will be around Rs 5,000 or more.

"This is eighteen."

So, I promptly scaled down my tastes to settle for something that didn't look all that good, but still managed to have a lot of drool value. That was around seven thousand.

With my mind set for this cycle, I came back and started doing the calculations. A spare-wheel rack for two bikes (to mount the bikes on my jeep) will set me back by another 10,000. (image courtesy

It is made by Thule of Sweden, and adds some character to your jeep. Okay, so 10,000 plus 7,000 make 17,000. Easy math. A pair of saddlebags for the bike will be around Rs 700. Plus a helmet for me for around Rs 800.

How much? Not much.

Called up the guy who sells spare wheel racks. Hey, so what's the weight that your carrier can manage to hold?

Sir, it is meant for foreign bikes made of aluminum. Ah. So I want to buy a Hercules blah blah for myself. Will that do?
No sir, you better buy that Rs 18,000 model to be able to carry it in this rack.

How much? 18,000 plus 10,000 plus 1500?

I am NOT buying a bike. Decided. Aju is selling his bike for Rs 1500. I am not buying, didn't I say?


Pinku said...


But I can bet my life he is not going to sell may or may not buy yours.

Rocky said...

Why do u want a "bike" - Oh! u mean a bicycle? I see... Ok - same Q again - reworded. Why do u want a bicycle?

1. To ride
2. To hang it on your "Jeep"

1. Buy any bicycle - without gear will also do. Just make sure it the right seat height - so that it does not pain your feeble legs. Am sure you will get a new one within Rs. 1500

2. Buy / steal any old / unused "bike". Colour it. Sticker it (clue: "4x4 Turbo" types). Full chamak it. Make a contraption in your local garage for your spare wheel. Sticker it - "Thule". Hang (read: permanently fix) your bike to it. All this should be within Rs.1000/-

Cool huh!

Note: Idea 2 is not free - if u implement it - 2 beer is my fee

Drifter said...

muneerbhai ke paas jaaku, fitting karko aajao; aslambhai piinting karku rakkhega.. do din ka kaam so... jyada so to teen sau teen sau ka kharcha ayenga...

Anuradha said...

get get one.. you can join some of us then.. i still haven't got a car rack (thule) looking at the cost involved :)

Anuradha said...

also .. you are trying to buy toooo many things at one go.. if you are really keen get one at a time.. now why do you need to get the cycle rack right away :) Just excuses for not getting a cycle now !!

Mampi said...

Aju is a bong too??

Oreen said...

well, it was ALL in jest...dunno why my sense of humor has become so blunt as to appear like mundane reality. :-(

am buying just a bike for the time being. all that was made up for your reading pleasure.

Oreen said...

Aju is a die-hard mallu and swears by his seer fish and beef fry...

Pallavi said...

bondhu.. new toy or bwaht... buhahaha !! chalo jai chole jai dur bohu dur.. bolero te cycle niye.. kori khoj shuru... aaaaaaaa...( that was alaaap for you) buhahahaha !!