Friday, January 23, 2009

The same debate

Strangely, although not having been taught about gods or their absence altogether, Aaron has become a little skeptical.
Who is our creator?
Well, difficult question. Scientists say it was a Big Bang, and the latest experiment to understand what happened during the Big Bang is currently on somewhere in Europe. CERN. If you want to, I can find out more about it. So, I am not in a position to answer your question. But there is no evidence to corroborate the "who" part of your question. "Who" suggests the presence of a being, either human or superhuman, and that itself is misleading. Why do you assume it is "who" and not "what." "What" can encompass anything from a phenomenon to a living being, and is a broader term. So, ideally your question should be "What is our creator?"

Can I fly if I wear Batman's cape?
No. Many children died trying that. Do you want to jump out and see for yourself?
He didn't want to.

Why does Durga have ten hands?
The same reason Ravana has ten heads.
Daddy, ten heads mean he has a lot of brain power.
Who told you? So you accept it is all symbolic? That Durga's ten hands carry ten different arms and symbolize her superhuman strength?

If Durga was created today, she would have been a superwoman, wearing a jetsuit and perhaps with blond hair.

Who brought me the gifts this Christmas?
Why, it was me, of course...I knew he knew.

No daddy, it was Santa.


Mampi said...

Let them be,
Let them have their Santas and Tooth Fairies,
Let them fight it out within themselves,
They learn best that way.

If religious parents have no right to impose their religion on the impressionable minds, do you think that allows you to change the question from 'Who' to 'What'?

Lazyani said...

At times, it's better that the child is left ignorant, such that they form their own opinion of things-- gradually!

At times, a little bit of romance and imagination helps.

Love said...

reminds me of the childhood memories i had... i bumped my head wearing a superman towel around my neck like a cape while jumping off the wall...

Anonymous said...

I think he is quite keen on the gifts. While he was away to Kol for Christmas, he managed to call his aunt (who would put all - includes Santa - but his Dad to shame when it comes to getting him gifts) and informed her about an impending visit from Santa. He even had specific directions on where & how to store his gifts.

He has started singing a few lines from Sailnig to Philadelphia. And Silvertown Blues as well. Guess he would soon realize who or what constitutes GOD.